Dear Morse Community, 

As you know, Morse was unable to have school on December 16th due to an inability to adequately staff the building because of widespread illnesses. The Maine Department of Education has determined that Morse will need to make up this day of instruction before the conclusion of this school year. This poses a unique challenge, as the rest of RSU 1 schools do not need to have this additional day of school.

The plan to make up this school day is as follows: 

  • The next day that RSU 1 has a snow day, Morse will have a remote learning day.

    • If there are widespread power/service outages, we will not have a remote learning day

    • The Morse community will be notified that it is a remote learning day in the phone/email message from Superintendent Manuel and it will also be included in the closure notice on the news.

  • If no snow days occur between now and March 16th, Morse will have a remote learning day on March 17th, as this day was a previously-scheduled Professional Development day for RSU 1. 

During the remote learning day, Morse will follow the same class schedule as we would if we were in school. Teachers will organize the class meetings and assignments through their existing Brightspace or Google Classroom pages. Students should log into their class at the regularly-scheduled time via the google meets link on the class page.

If your student is unable to attend this remote learning day, you should reach out to the attendance office and report their absence as you would on a regular school day. 


Eric Varney