Credit Pathways Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Credit Pathways Program is to provide students with an alternative educational setting that fosters personal growth, academic achievement, career exploration, and community engagement. Through interdisciplinary, project-based learning, CPP provides a learning environment that honors each individual’s needs, promotes growth and opportunity, and forges a path to graduation and future aspirations. 

Admission Process

The students who are chosen for CPP typically face numerous barriers to education which may include: truancy, limited success in the traditional classroom, lack of credits, trauma, involvement in the court system, and/or may be at-risk of dropping out. When selecting students for CPP, a team of administrators, guidance counselors, teacher, and social workers collaborate to identify students needing this alternative model. Once students are nominated for the program, they, along with a family member(s), participate in an interview process. The students accepted into the program must attend and adhere to the program agreements. 

The Program

The Credit Pathways Program (CPP) at Morse High School is an alternative education program that allows students a non-traditional learning environment and path to graduation. The program is separated into two cohorts (a morning group and an afternoon group). Each group has a maximum of 14 students. The Credit Pathways Program seeks to provide an alternative pathway for students who, for a variety of reasons, are not finding success in the traditional school setting. The Credit Pathways Program will strive to create a classroom environment that prevents students from dropping out of school (or brings back students who previously dropped out). CPP will provide a flexible program that includes intensive behavioral supports, social and emotional supports, and individualized instruction and remediation. 

While in the program, students participate in an interdisciplinary curriculum that incorporates math, science, English, history, and social/emotional learning. In addition to interdisciplinary academics, students volunteer in the community or participate in exploratory fieldwork related to the curriculum once a week. 

Juniors and seniors in the program spend half of their day in CPP and the other half of their day in a Bath Tech Program or an Extended Learning Opportunities job internship. Sophomores in the program will participate in both CPP and traditional classes. Students will earn 4 total credits for each year in CPP.

CPP Diploma

Students in CPP are required to earn 18 credits in order to receive a Credit Pathways Diploma. The reduction in credits for a Credit Pathways Diploma allows students who are credit deficient to achieve a diploma while developing their career, academic, and social-emotional skills. The following credits are required for a Credit Pathways Diploma:

  • English - 4 credits

  • Social Studies and History - 3 credits

  • Mathematics - 3 credits

  • Science - 3 credits

  • Fine Arts - 1 credit, which may include art, music, or drama

  • Health - ½ credit

  • Physical Education - attempt 1 credit