UPDATED 11/19/21 

Due to the current health situation, it is important that we review the rules in place to keep everyone safe from COVID 19. Some of these are standing rules and some have changed due to our outbreak status.

  • Masks need to be worn correctly at all times. This includes covering the complete nose and mouth. If you have had reminders from staff and administration and continue to not wear your mask appropriately, you will be sent to the office. Further mask challenges can lead to in school suspension or out of school suspension if the problem continues.
  • Outside drinks (such as coffees and hot chocolates) can only be brought into school if they are in a closed sealed container that could be placed in your bag if asked by an adult. If you bring in a coffee or other drink in a container that can’t be closed, you will be asked to throw away your drink. 
  • Eating and drinking (besides water breaks in designated areas by teachers) must be done in the cafeteria when sitting down at a distance that is safely from your peers following COVID guidelines (two at a table). You should not be walking down the hallway eating or drinking. 
  • Juniors & Seniors are allowed to eat in the upstairs student commons only in designated spaces (at dots). If all of these places are taken, you must eat in the cafeteria. Students who are not eating in those areas or who are not following the rules will not be allowed to eat in the upstairs student commons. 
  • Only one student is allowed in the bathroom stall at a time. If two students are in the same stall they will receive a detention. Students should not be hanging around in the bathroom. If you are in the bathroom you should go to the bathroom and then return to class. 
  • In the mornings students should only be in the downstairs common areas if they are eating breakfast (seated in a designated seating area). If you are not eating breakfast, you should head up to your class when you arrive at school.