I am writing to inform you of some adjustments that we are making to improve consistency of student attendance during distance learning days at Morse. This change applies to students on both the hybrid and 100% distance learning models: 

Starting on Monday, 12/7, students who are on their distance learning days will be marked with a new code: DLD, this indicates a “Distance Learning Day.” If a student does not participate in their distance learning, this will be indicated in their “habits of work” score for the class. If a lack of participation persists, this could also be indicated as “no participation” in their attendance.

As always, it is important for students to log into Brightspace on their distance learning days, open each of their courses and complete the work that is posted by their teachers. If a student is using the Pulse App on a phone or tablet, they must also click on some course content in order to be registered as attending class on that distance day. If the teacher live-streams the class, students must continue to attend these classes. 

Attendance will continue, unchanged, for in-person days. 

With the limited time that we have available with students in school, it is absolutely essential for students to complete distance learning assignments during their distance learning days so that they are ready for new content on their in-person school days. Failure to complete distance learning work has significant impacts on course grades and the ability to earn course credit. 


Eric Varney