Dear Morse Students and Families, 

In anticipating potential safety precautions for the 2020-2021 school year, Morse is exploring alternative course schedules that could be in the best interest of students in the case that there are further disruptions to in-person learning. This planning has caused a delay in the release of student schedules. Once we have worked through a myriad of details, we will be releasing your student course schedules in the next few weeks. 

We will send out a notification via RSU 1 email when we are mailing students' schedules. The mailing will include directions for add/drop as well as a detailed explanation of any possible changes to the Morse schedule. 

Please know that we are developing plans to be better prepared for any safety precautions that will need to follow for the next school year. Since we are working with many unknowns, it is important that we consider the ramifications of many scenarios in the 2020-1 school year. 


Eric Varney