Spring Break is on our doorstep and with it the promise of a vacation from distance learning. Couple that with lovely Spring weather and the possibilities are endless. Morse is inviting you to take the Screen-Free Week Challenge. While it may be impossible to go 168 hours without picking up your smartphone or checking your email, aim for a reduction in tv, movie-watching, gaming, instagram, youtube, etc. 

The following Google Site was created to give you access to ideas in how to accomplish this: Morse Screen-Free Week Challenge

  • Simply click on the link above. Scroll through the site.
  • Check out the challenge (dates April 20-26). 
  • Skim leisurely through the list of 82+6 Screen-Free Activities. 
  • Make choices. 
  • Schedule a few a day. 
  • Enjoy doing some new or beloved screen-free activities. 
  • Invite your immediate family members to do some with you.
  • Download a copy of the Bingo Board.
  • Fill in the numbers of the activities you took part in on the board.
  • When the board is filled (all 25) submit it by filling out the form.
  • One entry per person.
  • All entries must be received by May 1st.
  • One winner from each class + staff (gift certificates listed) will be chosen at random.

Please have fun with this, try something new.  Don't beat yourself up if you find yourself staring at a screen!  Simply be aware and try to limit screen-time as much as possible.  Your eyes and mind will thank you for giving them a rest!

Have a lovely April Break!!!

Cheers, Jen Jones