With the colder weather approaching, so does the cold and flu season. I would like to respectfully remind you of Morse's protocols in the case that your student becomes ill during the school day: 

If your child calls or texts you during the school day informing you that they have become ill and are unable to complete the day at school, please direct them to the Nurse's Office.  The Nurse will evaluate the student's health and, if necessary, call parents to arrange dismissal from school. Not only is the School Nurse responsible for evaluating student health and communicating with families, but she also is responsible for tracking elevated absentee rates due to illness in an attempt to improve the health of our school. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Katrina Barter: 207-443-8250 ext 1102 or kbarter@rsu1.org.

If your student needs to stay home from school due to illness, please contact the attendance office at 207-443-8250 ext 1234 to notify the school.