The MHS School Community Liaison Council (S.C.L.C.) has opened nominations for The Mainsail Award, which the S.C.L.C. has awarded since 1980. The Mainsail Award recognizes people who have made outstanding contributions to benefit the youth of the greater Bath community. In addition, nominees should exemplify the ideals of American citizenship such as respect, honesty, justice, individual freedom, and equal opportunity.

The nominee should have made a major contribution to the youth of the school district, and it may extend to the wider community, state, or nation. The individual should be a current or past resident of the greater Bath area. On the morning of Wednesday, May 20th, the S.C.L.C. will formally present the award at an assembly in Morse High School's Montgomery Theater.

Current Morse students, current S.C.L.C. community members, and current RSU1 employees are not eligible for the award. The S.C.L.C. gives preference to individuals (as opposed to a single nomination for a husband and wife, for example) and to Morse High School alumni. However, a joint award could be considered. The S.C.L.C. thoroughly reviews all applications and meets the challenge of selecting a recipient for the award with a sense of gravity and honor.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, April 3, 2020.

The nominations form can be found and submitted here: LINK

Direct questions to Lindsay Davis, S.C.L.C. Advisor. ldavis@rsu1.org

The following is a list of previous Mainsail recipients:
1980 – Linwood Haynes
1981 – Nathan Watson
1982 – Catherine E. Leonard
1983 – John W. Coombs
1984 – Evelyn Desmond
1985 – Abbot Fletcher
1986 – Edward Butterfield
1987 – Harold D. Perry
1988 – Thomas Landers
1989 – Hector Jaeger
1990 – Holly Dawson
1991 – Dr. Patricia Ames
1992 – Sally Haggett
1993 – Rosie Gilmore
1994 – Charlie Burgess
1995 – Dan Donovan
1996 – Priscilla Montgomery
1997 – Adelle Collin
1998 – Lawrence “Max” Dawson
1999 – Stephen Singer
2000 – Susan Craney
2001 – James Totman
2002 – Warren Skillings, Sr.
2003 – Bill Reed
2004 – Martha and David Bourque
2005 – Joel Merry
2006 – Peter Lizanecz
2007 – Arthur Tainter
2008 – Marilyn Weinberg
2009 – Tom Hoerth
2010 – Elford A. “Brud” Stover
2011 – Michael W. Field
2012 – Dr. Kathleen Reed
2013 – Lawrence E. Bartlett
2014 – Merry Chapin
2015 – Brian D. Hatch
2016 – Kimberly Fitzgerald Gates
2017 - John Desjardins
2018 - Pam Solow (aka Grammy Pammy)
2019- Lori Benson